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10 Books from Holland!

10 Books from Holland! | Kristen Gehrman Language Services

I was delighted to translate the Spring 2019 edition of 10 Books from Holland for the Dutch Foundation for Literature. It just came out and boy is it a beauty! This season’s selection includes the new Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer novel Grand Hotel Europa (if you haven’t read it yet, you should!), Driessen’s latest collection of short stories (that one about the guy diving off his boat for a swim and suddenly realizing he’s all alone and can’t climb back on!?), Auke Hulst’s examination of Nixon (as a person rather than as a president), a magnum opus from 1970s Curaçao, a story of a girl whose mission in life is to find other people’s lost stuff, and many more. If you’re attending the London Book Fair this year, you might be able to snag a copy. Otherwise, download the pdf HERE!